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  Shanghai VELTOP co., Ltd is engaged in professional design,manufacture and sale of precision welding equipment of high-tech companies.

 The company has a Ph.D., masters and a group of senior electronic machinery professional and technical personnel, R & D technology for precision welding equipment has a leading position in China.

 Since the company opened in October 2004, "Provide customers with first-class products and services" as the company's operating principles, constantly to overcome difficulties in the development of company, under the joint efforts of all staff in the company, continuously developed various kinds of high quality products to meet customer demand, has won more and more customers trust and support, VELTOP brand is becoming more and more be known by precision welding industry in China. With the improving of the quality of products, VELTOP products have been exported to Japan, Germany,Taiwan, South Korea, India,Singapore,Malaysia,Philippines and Vietnam and other regions.

 Shanghai VELTOP company is willing to play their full ability, for precision welding users all over the world, to provide more quality products and services.

Main products of VELTOP:

Precision resistance welder、Pulse Heat welder、TIG micro arc welder、Weld checker


Management  ideas:



The application areas of VELTOP products:

Motor Industry:Rotor weld、End cap weld、Coreless motor wire weld

Battery industry:Battery tabs weld、Protection circuit weld

Relay industry:contact and reed weld

Electric light industry: 

Molybdenum plate and tungsten rod welding, Tungsten rod  and molybdenum foils welding;Tungsten rod and nickel rod docking welding, Nickel cup  and kovar wire welding, Dumet wire and kovar wire welding, etc

Protection device industry:bimetal protector、Automotive Resistance protection device、Ceramic discharge tube、temperature protection device

Crystal Industry:  base weld、Case closure weld

Sensor Industry: Various types of sensor wire weld

Capacitor industry: Capacitor pin weld

Enameled  wire industry: Do not remove paint directly weld

Optical Communications Industry: Optical  module closure weld