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 20604.10:The company began operating

 2005.04:Developed inverter DC welder

 2008.06:Moved to the purchase of standard modern integrated factory(It is located in caohejing 

                    development zone)

 2009.05:Developed transistor type welder in China for the first time, to fill the domestic industry gaps.

 2010.10:The South China (Dongguan) Office opened

 2011.05:All product upgrading, import a large LCD display and more precise process control 


 2012.03:Developed Precision Inverter pulse heat welder

 2012.12:Developed Weld checker(current、force、displacement)

 2013.10:Build the sales network in South Korea

 2014.03:Developed TIG micro arc welder, to fill the domestic industry gaps.

 2014.03:The Hongkong VELTOP CO.,LTD opened

 2014.10:The VELTOP sales center(shanghai)opened

 2014.12:The VELTOP SINGAPORE PTE LTD opened

2015.08:The Thailand VELTOP Technolgy Opened

2015.10:The Zhuhai VELTOP Lingtai Technology co.,ltd Opened

 2016.05:Got an EU market access CE certification

2016.08:The Beijing VELTOP Times Technology co.,ltd Opened

2017.09:The Shanghai VELTOP Weld Equipment co.,ltd Opened

 2018.05:Obtain CCC certification of various products

 2018.11:Obtain ISO-9001 quality management system certification